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Fics by Lily Kalanoa

20 June
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I'm liberal and could easily piss you off, be warned. That's a good place to start and will hopefully scare off any idiots ^__^ I'm bisexual, Buddhist, naturalist, totally geeky, with a good dash of pagan and anarchist thrown in, just to make sure I piss off *everbody*. I don't preach my ideals to anyone who doesn't ask and expect the same courtesy.
More to the point, I'm a writer and sooner or later some of my fanfiction will be posted...maybe even enjoyed? I'm born to a caucasian family, but I'm Japanese on the inside, so I fit in more with that image. I'll also be going to Japan to teach English in...a year? 2009 Spring? I'm a linguist and will more than likely rant about things that will make no sense unless you also have an interest or fascination with language ^_^n Yeah, so, that's me in a (very small) nutshell.