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The fortune writer's Archive

Fics by Lily Kalanoa

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Ugh, pulling this up after so long is painful. But I've been wanting a place to rant more and more, so I thought I'd pull this old account out of mothballs. I'll be deleting most of my old posts, though not my stories, and devoting this space to . . . well to what a journal is for, basically. I'm going to rant and rave about things that piss me off or inspire me. Or are really annoying or dumb or just mildly interesting. I will NOT be talking much about myself or my life. For more information, go read the introductory post, but here's a quick warning: I will be handling at least some adult and controversial topics, read at your own risk. I know for sure I'll be talking about movies and conspiracies and Japan and holidays - both good things and bad. I will also be sharing my views on things like religion, child-marriage, abuse, homosexuality, drugs, and many other things that might upset some. Even on 'mild' topics like holidays, I'm likely going to make some rather unpopular statements - like the fact they need to TURN OFF THE FUCKING XMAS MUSIC BEFORE I RIP MY EARS OFF!!!!!!!! (This is being typed in early Dec) The one thing I will never discuss in length is politics. I might do something brief about why I hate it in general or why Trump is evil incarnate, but these will be *brief* and I refuse to get in to *any* political debate or even discussion. So read at your own risk, bring on the hate mail, and I'd love to have actual discussions with Anon out there if any of you are interested.

A note to my family: If you find this and have a problem with me because of anything I say, I hope you can overcome that and continue to love me as I continue to love those of you who have differing view and opinions from my own.